The car wash by hand service guarantees outstanding results for car interiors and exteriors of any type. Luisa Car Wash, based in Paderno Dugnano, Milan, offers services to provide a deep and complete clean of the bodywork, glass, seats, etc. Thanks to its fast, well-trained and specialised staff, you can rely on our prompt service to restore shine to each and every component of your car.

Cleaning of windows, bodywork and interiors

To ensure cars which are cleaned and polished to perfection, Luisa Car Wash Luisa combines the experience of its employees with the certified quality of dedicated cleaning products. The hand washing service is made up of various stages, including:

dust and dirt removal from the interior;
cleaning by hand of seats and interior furniture;
bodywork cleaning;
rinsing with a pressure washer;
application of wax to the bodywork;
glass cleaning and drying.

All work is done applying dedicated detergents, soaps and waxes for the materials to be treated, together with the use of suitable fibre cloths in order not to leave marks or streaks. Our work is outstanding. Your car will be left fragrant and shiny, both inside – thoroughly sanitised – and outside, with the glass and bodywork looking good as new. For further information on car washing by hand, please call us on: +39 02 9181618.