Luisa Car Wash in Paderno Dugnano, province of Milan, has a modern system sanitation system for thorough car cleaning using ozone. The treatment involves placing a dedicated piece of equipment in the car’s interior, which – thanks to a disinfestation system based on controlled ozone (O3) emission in the environments to be treated – sterilises and destroys bacteria and viral contaminants.

Hygiene and safety on board

The car is an essential means of getting around the city, from home to work, for leisure activities, holidays, and for everyday tasks both small and large. Spending hours inside the car every day means that it is important for the area to be perfectly sanitised, not only with a thorough surface clean, but also professional sanitation measures to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, viruses and allergens.

The benefits of Sanistarsystem

Ozone equipment currently represents the evolutions in vehicle washing technology. The Sanistarsystem ensures that the car’s interior is perfectly sanitised, in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. The procedure guarantees excellent results, effectively eliminating:

  • viruses and bacteria that settle in the air conditioner;
  • microbial loads that proliferate inside the car;
  • smoke or unpleasant and persistent odours;
  • mould;
  • mites.

For further information about our service, please contact the number +39 02.9181618 or drop into Luisa Car Wash on Via Della Chiesa 80.